Monday, February 15, 2010

Industrial Vibrators

Pneumatic Air Vibrators

Air Vibrators by NAVCO® Products effectively promote material flow by eliminating the formation of bridges and rat holes in storage containers. Also called pneumatic piston vibrators, there are models and options to fit containers of all shapes and sizes including: Bins, hoppers, and silos and also pipes. Ideal for both flat walled hoppers and conical hopper, the NAVCO® Products BH Air vibrators supplied by KJN is low maintenance and economical to operate compared to other types of shaker devices.

Bin Mapping

The exclusive NAVCO® Products Bin Mapping methodology involves a detailed evaluation of your storage vessel and its intended bulk material by NAVCO® Products Bulk Flow Engineers. Recommendations are made based on a variety of factors including bulk density, particle size, moisture content, temperature, vessel size and shape as well as material of construction. This unique scientific approach, called the Bin Map Solution, is not available any where else. It was developed by NAVCO® Products and provides a reliable solution that virtually guarantees positive material flow.

Wagon & Hopper Car Vibrators

Portable HCP - NAVCO® Products Air Piston Vibrators for rail car wagons are designed with a unique mounting head to fit into the special NAVCO® Products dovetail bracket that can be installed on the hopper car vibrators of wagons to improve unloading and discharge. Overhead and Stationary Wagon & Hopper Car Vibrators Shakers. Available soon for heavy duty wagon unloading.

Hopper Car Vibrators

NAVCO® Products manufactures a complete line of portable pneumatic hopper car vibrators for rail car and other portable industrial applications. The Navco Products HCP model hopper car vibrators is designed to provide reliable and effective performance in difficult applications and severe environments. The HCP's special features make it ideal for solving Heavy-Duty railcar unloading problems.:
Features Of Hopper Car Vibrators:
All internal surfaces of the Hopper Car Portable Vibrators are coated with Teflon for durability and long lifeUniversal mounting head on the railcar hopper car vibrators- fits ALL dovetail brackets found on hopper car vibrators. Our "Free-Ride"design is THE most efficient means to transmit vibration energy into the railcar. Also prevents the HCP from becoming stuck in the bracket of the hopper car vibrators.

Truck Vibrators

NAVCO® Products Air vibrators for truck lift stations, dump truck vibrators beds and hopper trailers are available from KJN for assisting with discharge of truck vibrators beds.

Electromechanical Vibrators

Electromechanical Unbalance Vibrators supplied by KJN are used as drives on linear motion vibratory feeders and screens. They can also be used to facilitate material flow in storage containers such as bins and hoppers when certain conditions exist or when Air Vibrators are not possible.

The NAVCO® Magnetic mount and clamp on vibrators distributed by KJN are ideal for use where light duty vibration is needed in multiple locations. The MV vibrator has a magnetic mounting head as well as a ferrous mounting sticker pad so it can even mount on non-ferrous hoppers . The FV vibrator has a screw-clamping mount. The ST is a stud mount and the MP is a pin mount. Each model has several sizes available except the Magnevibe (one size only).

> Portable Vibrator Details > Literature about Portable Vibrators

Foundry Vibrators

KJN offers a complete line of pneumatic vibrating equipment for a more efficient foundry. Special ductile iron castings enable these NAVCO® foundry vibrators to be machined specifically to withstand high temperatures and prolonged usage.

Ball Vibrators

Pneumatic Ball vibrators supplied by KJN can be used to facilitate material flow in many types of storage containers. They are small, light weight and low maintenance.


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  3. I had no idea that there were so many types of industrial vibrators. My brother has been looking to buy one for awhile now and asked me to do some research on them. However, he never told me which one he specifically wanted to look at! I'll have to ask him more questions so I am able to narrow down what he wants. Hopefully we are able to find him what he needs soon!